winter gardening plants

winter gardening plantsThe keenest gardeners admit that sharing the view of the park in winter. However, with some advanced experience and preparation is simple, not very difficult to produce a garden, you have something to offer the value of winter.

You do not have a garden full of dirty bed flat brush without color is needed. There is a veranda with a suitable display for beautiful flower bed with the detour marked cropped stone slabs or specially placed a statue or a tree or a plant that can operate aromatic beautiful country in winter.

Each has its own past in the garden as fast as the rest of the active set. It is best for dark patterns and areas marked by the sun low in the sky and a nice finish of the new appearance of Frost. The shadow formed by the low sun finding also highlights the texture bark and branches, you should opt for trees such as birch or silver Persian Ironwood striking because winter skin.

winter gardening plantsCut evergreen shrubs such as holly and evergreens, they form around your garden during the winter. The bare branches of the trees still looks impressive stable air, especially after it was covered by thick ice. Never quickly cut the bushes throughout the fall, considered little bush grass and dying, as they do now. In full bloom as the heads of Phlomis acquilegia and seeds, they produce an outstanding figure in the winter sky.

Detailed grass slowly turning the magic ice in cold temperatures Garden shows how to perform characias Euphorbia hanging rod. Eternal think of something to give time to die in the winter, providing shelter for animals, especially insects and seed heads that provide food for hungry birds are different.

Try planting various parameters of your chart, additional lighting during winter. Ivy work along the vertical structure, in particular a fence or wall to collect a minimum light. Charcoal and Cornus not reflect light as a wealthy patron of the ice to prepare your garden extends even in hedges and ground cover and light colored Heuchera Epimedium good battle. Once positioned the life of clothes wealthy planters security features of the court will light winter cold on the terrace or garden.