the protection and safety of swimming pool

the protection and safety of swimmingIf you ever hours searching insects dead leaves and other debris from your pool, you’ve probably seen the various fillings pool is created on the market. This accessory provides a variety of benefits for home owners, it saves time to save energy by reducing the amount of cleaning of evaporation. You can even buy a solar cover that use sunlight to keep the water hot all year.

But risk coverage primarily represent animals and small children. To protect yourself and your family, three practical advice as follows.

1. Note label

Security label! Few people know that the American Society for Testing and Materials set specific guidelines for pool covers in 1991. The rules were updated in 2010, made a list of requirements for manufacturers to obtain the label ASTM.

The important thing is that it can be produced by the test target of an aid to weight loss, the capacity of the arc and surface drainage, the risk of drowning. Elements that must meet these standards at least £ 485 -o weight really durable enough to continue to support a child or pet.

the protection and safety of swimming2. Security of the store, not fixed

When buying a cover, people are often confused with the term “fixed”. On the surface, no pun intended, it seems that this type of set-up would be the best protection against chaos and catastrophe. After all, a strong solid, is not it? Wrong.

Although this product has a great job to keep the water clean and clear, they are not rooted in general and can be much more serious for the fall itself can not save. Safety cover, on the other hand, is designed to withstand heavy loads, withstand some up to £ 4,000 (just Google: cars galore and even elephants in the firmament of the family suspended). These products, generally constructed from mesh panels with brick or concrete around the pool, where they do not always solve the tensions and if someone receives a gift is safe for them.

3. Doors English

This seems obvious advice, but also the highest quality covers best when combined with a good basic protection basin, such as a fence with a lockable door. The laws on the barrier housing pool depends on the region, but in many countries the reasonable limits of your pool is not only a good idea of ​​what is legal. So if you want a Jacuzzi or thinking of going to settle for a swim in your own pool, spend some time studying the rules in your area.