set the mower blade height is good and appropriate

set the mower blade height is good and appropriateMany people think that the grass should close as possible to minimize the amount of time you have to cut, cut. You might be surprised to learn that this is simply not true, and the soil and damage to your grass environment.

  • Cut your grass dirt actually encourage the growth of weeds.

In this article we will discuss how high do you mow your lawn and give good advice for the care of green lawn. Read on to learn more.

  • North-turf type most common:

1. Fescue

2. Bluegrass

3. Rye

  • Southern grass together:

1. Bermuda

2. St. Augustine

3. Zoysia

North grass generally show a growth model that is much higher, while the southern grass tends to expand through the corridors. Basically, it is wise to cut the grass within three inches north and south with two inches long grass. If you are deficient in this cut may damage the structure of the plant and to highlight the grass.

set the mower blade height is good and appropriateIt is advisable to make more than one third of the length of grass the same time. If you do not rain after rapid growth, it could mean the high cutting grass one day a few days off and follow with a lower court. Make sure you keep your knife clean cut with efficiency (up to ten hours of grinding).

In some cases, it is advisable to ask the lawn even higher than 3/2 inch. A height of four inches is often desirable. This is especially true if you are in sweltering hot, dry summers (as more and more regions are likely these days) of life. If you cut your grass high, will shade the soil, keep in moisture that is in the earth and stays green and healthy during the summer. Long grass actually helps the ambient temperature is a little cooler. If you cut dirt, your lawn dry out and die.

If you keep your grass a little high, it will need less water, and will look more lush and green in the summer. You can also consider adding local ornamental grasses, ground cover and / or landscaped drought-resistant is not some grass. These help to make smart decisions to save time, money and resources, while the cold planet!