Hellebores in winter excellent

Hellebores in winter excellentWinter is a beautiful time of year for many people. Snow covers the globe and sitting on a fluffy cloud in pine branches. Dogwood twig glow fiery red group and pastures with branches of bright yellow rays. Where there is snow, vegetables, looked lush lost because many other plants of the active sheet. Annual resistant as thoughts and alyssum continue seeking winter in areas where it is not very pretty cold. All these sites are expected from one year to the winter, but a genus of plants, such as fresh water or Rose Helleborus can be known and shake the winter scenes we all expect.

Perennials Helleborus is durable and extremely difficult booming with big beautiful flowers in winter. In addition, “Rose negotiate,” they will do at the first plant of many things in a very early spring or in parts, also known in the middle of winter. Yes, often before blooming in spring. Hellebores quickly send thick stems and blooms when the days grow longer and the sun warms the soil barely. Often several months – Flowers will last for a long time. The species have flowers ranging from white to almost black, and every shade and plenty of pretty patterns in the middle. Its foliage remains green. They do well in the shade and not get fat. People who added garden hellebores, they quickly fell in love with them, and often the beginning of a collection of garden plants!

Hellebores in winter excellentThe most park areas 5-8 and can enjoy different kinds of Helleborus available. Best type for temperate gardens is a kind of hybrid. Most colors and shapes that the climate further north will be presented in a sort of “Helleborus Niger,” usually limited to white flowers, but they are still very beautiful. Some Hellebores in the shady garden with a distinctive shade plants like astilbe and hosta beautiful.

Helleborus come from Asia and Europe and has been in cultivation for a long time. Many myths and stories of this investment is in line with toxicity. It used to be associated with witchcraft and sometimes used in ancient Greece as a cure for mental illness. The resort itself is not bad, but as the heart of the garden should be planted so that children and pets do not eat.

Hellebores are not always new. Gartner normal selection branch often enjoy their gardens hellebores group, but they are not very common in most of the landscape. Fortunately, I made a kind of plant varieties of the most powerful and beautiful, now the price they are planted in a wide range of garden.