Good orchid care

Good orchid careVarious orchids really great. Orchid belonging to Orchidaceae, the largest family of flowering plants, with at least 24,000 different species. It is not surprising that orchids are very different; they can make any color you can imagine, and their shape and size can vary between species and genera as well. The importance of many orchid looks really beautiful.

In addition, many of them have a wonderful aroma, which also differ between species. Some orchids, such Stanhopea so fragrant that the owner should keep them, that this orchid flowering, because the smell is very strong. Some orchids, orchid Brassavola example, the smell of the night, it was beautiful. It is also interesting that the smell of some orchids like Bulbophyllum dark enough that natural pollinators of this orchid flies eat rotten meat. However, many people orchid collection of valuables for many orchids.

In addition, several orchids bloom at different times of the year. It is possible bloom or a combination of certain types of hybrid will satisfy one at a time throughout the year. There is also a group of orchids valued for their foliage rather than flowers, groups called orchid jewelry.

Although some terrestrial orchids, yellow orchids, for example, almost all epiphytic orchids that grow in the room are not grown in natural conditions in the field of trees. This does not mean that the orchid is a parasite; instead, use the photosynthetic energy like all green plants, and the collection of plant nutrients from dirt and dust and water from moist air or substrate. You’ll find in the trees and use it as a physical medium, to be closer to the sun with the main goal, as in the tropical forest, it is almost impossible for herbaceous plants to survive in the canopy of the rainforest . Perhaps this is the main difference between the most common orchids and ornamental plants, but there are other epiphytes with ornamental plants such as epiphytic cacti.

Good orchid careThe first thing to remember when you plant the orchids that grow on the ground they do not grow because it is not natural to grow, and they will sooner or later die in such circumstances. There are many different substrate for orchids, tree bark, but in many cases, and you can do it in any garden shed.

As I said earlier, the orchid is a very different plants can vary greatly depending on their treatment. There are orchids that light, of good questions and flowers grow on a regular basis, but others, such as the conditions of the shadows; Some orchids and throughout the year, but others require some time to rest. Thus, the second important thing to note is that some types of orchids grow on. Then you can easily transfer data with the growing demand for these types of orchids, and you get the orchids to grow the right circumstances.

Phalaenopsis orchid hybrids may be better known that can easily grow, but there are also many other orchids that can be grown at home without much trouble. Today, most orchids are sold in stores are hybrids, which are often less stringent requirements for cultivation at home as a natural species. However, there are many types of orchids, which are very difficult to grow within her, even Phalaenopsis species, for example, can be very difficult to achieve, it is conducted in foster conditions. Orchids grown for a long time, usually through a series of demanding collectors, various orchids.

So orchid is a plant that is very beautiful and varied that the true beauty of any home, but to successfully develop orchids, you have to remember that beauty epiphytes small income, and you must also know what type of orchid you want to achieve a good look