Good compost is used

Good compost is usedA walk through the lines of the forest, a paved road or in the case of a city park, it will be comfortable to composting. Look birch or maple or ash or oak or other tree that grew beside the road in your neighborhood. Depending on the time of year, the plants covered leaves, leaflets or kale leaves. All this is placed on the ground. If you are in your garden each year brooms similar structure, which seems to be at least one foot outside. Why is it under the trees of the forest in the last thirty years of cumulative growth of at least thirty feet from the leaves? Certainly not all the wind had deleted them.

The answer is found on a number of leaves under the tree on the left. The early entry of the feet showed black soil is organic matter, compost. First, a layer of leaves a year ago with the floor of the general forest litter, so that a layer of dark material left in recent years by bacteria, fungi, insects and animals of the forest soil damaged.

Good compost is usedThe sheets to feed the tree. If the green photosynthetic allows light to feed on the leaves of trees on the road, but continue to eat chocolate for composting leaves and roots provide the roots with nutrients brought up from the depths of the earth over time. The same growth potential which can be accommodated with compost in the garden.

In fact, the method of the shaft, even for use at home. Composting process sheet is one of the simplest. Take for example a garden bed in the fall, which would require about three inches of compost in spring. Instead of waiting for a busy spring, may be in the fall. Forming a layer of garden or other waste can sleep on site, to distribute about three inches thick. Mower get rid of the next to be used during the winter for cutting bags accumulate leaves around it. Third 6 inch sheets placed on the bed Everything is fluid and possibly soaked, chopped leaves, which, incidentally, seems to be a kind of puzzle shapes put together, but do not blow into the yard after cutting to solve. When the plants in the spring there is a large layer of compost can be dug for the planting plants or seedlings.