gardening activities in Southern california

gardening activities in Southern californiaSouthern California Gardeners not much natural light in December, working in their yards so that they feel comfortable with a month of the service park. For those who can not imagine a day without planting and pruning, there is plenty to keep them busy for a month.

California Native Plant: December planting season for the California native. Because the microclimates vary widely in Southern California, you. At your local nursery for native who do best in your area

Tubers of plants, flowers and CA Wild flowers: tubers in the 5 “to 6″ from the ground. Azaleas and camellias in the plant this month. They are best planted during flowering., Which helps because you can see what color you add to your garden in California wild seeds can also be sown presents flowers for next year. This includes traditional wild California desert, such as hyacinths, California poppies and Mariposa Lily.

Maintaining a healthy lawn: If you plan to save all or part of your lawn, you might as well make sure it looks the best. If heavy rain is expected this winter to be achieved by taking steps to keep your lawn healthy looking spring. Rake the leaves fall like leaves of grass can hinder the growth of grass. If the grass to repair, sow annual rye brown spots and the introduction of new growth. After sowing, watering a light blanket and water along the dress as well (or let the rain saturated the ground for you).

gardening activities in Southern californiaBad interesting herbs: weeding in your landscape, so that weeds grow even start to the winter rains. Place wiped a layer of mulch over the area in order to avoid to get rid of the front as fast soggy soil.

Trim and clip: Prune deciduous fruit tree after the leaves fall, and they will sleep. Brown Clips dead branches lower growth of healthy green shrubs and small plants.

There is still time to cool green time: cool season vegetables such as beets, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, cabbage, carrots, cauliflower, celery, cabbage, lettuce, radishes, turnips, and may be planted in December. It offers winter can be a nice break from the traditional summer vegetables.

Buy Cut Christmas Tree: Agricultural Trees absorb carbon dioxide and other gases, produce oxygen. After all, the holiday trees are 100 percent recycled mulch, which is then used by breeders and landscaping. Artificial structures in plastic and non-degradable metals. Once cooked, they end up in landfills.