best tips using hot tubs

best tips using hot tubsWhirlpool offers relaxation for people who use it fun. Water relaxation times may be fun, but safety is an important aspect. Some are particularly vulnerable to illness before the heat depending on the age and other health problems.

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To be continued to ensure the safety of the basic rules of the use of hot tubs. Failure to follow these guidelines can cause infection.

- Shower before using the device.

- No risk of gastrointestinal illness not in the unit.

- Never leave water in your mouth, do not swallow.

- Pay attention to the consumption of alcohol while using a hot tub. The combination of alcohol and hot water can cause excessive dryness. In this case, a person may experience drowsiness, dizziness or nausea. Alcohol and hot water and prepare the body to heat stroke because they dilate blood vessels. Each of these situations can lead a person to unconsciousness and slide under the surface of the device.

- Follow the allowable limit and the number of users simultaneously guidelines.

- Do not allow children under five years old to use the bathroom. Children who are old enough to venture to stay in the bath for five minutes. Total immersion can be dangerous for children. Some institutions offer special seats for children to use, just enjoying allowed size.

  • best tips using hot tubsLook at the device

- When using hot tubs, observation of the environment to ensure that everything is in order. You do not have a strong odor. In fact, pure bath should smell problem. If you feel a strong smell of chlorine, which indicates a potential maintenance problems.

- Press the sides of the machine. The tiles should be smooth, not sticky or slippery sensation.

- Check the temperature unit. This should not be greater than 104 degrees Celsius.

- Listen, make sure that you hear through the filter and the pump system.

  • Speaking to the management

- Find out if levels of control of the team pH and chlorine, at least twice a day. Ideally, this button is used during intensive use.

- Discover the latest news of phytosanitary inspectors.

- Ask about the understanding of the recreational water illness of the owner and staff. The understanding of this disease is important to prevent it.

  • A word about leisure diseases

The recreation disease germs from existing water polluted water. People can ingest or inhale the bacteria in hot tubs, pools, lakes, rivers and oceans. It is also possible to develop chemical IDSR which evaporate into the air.  SMR are symptoms of gastrointestinal and skin infections and ear. It can also cause upper respiratory tract infections. The most common forms of RWI including diarrhea.