about Zoysia Grass

about Zoysia GrassZoysia is a special form of resistant grasses that grow well in different conditions. Grass also requires a lot less than most irrigation and mowing the lawn. This particular variety of grasses can be thick and soft and natural feel good carpet barefoot. Zoysia is also ideal as it actually pushes differently. Extends to the side and does not grow in a short time. For this reason, this type of grass can be so dense and sewing the summer most of the bad grasses and replacing its existing grass, you do not want in your garden effectively.

Though Zoysia grass is a kind of low maintenance, they care and maintenance to ensure that they retain their charm and good condition. Here are some helpful tips you can follow to keep your Zoysia grass:

Fertilization. All maintained grass fertilized with the amount and type needed for some grass and a scheme based on the growing season. If you fertilize to maintain healthy grass and allow them to build resistance to disease and insects. Lawn care experts say strongly on the lawn in the spring and summer fertilization – a practice called “prime time” you Emerald grass.

about Zoysia GrassZoysia grass mowed at a height of only 1:59 inches. Zoysia has a high content of silicon dioxide, wherein the sheet is more difficult if the sheet can be longer. Zoysia also have a strong structure that most grass blades; Thus, the blade area that often requires the maximum cutting effect. Lawn care experts also suggested to cut the grass, 1-2 times a week, if watered and fertilized every 7-14 days or more in the scheme of reduced fertilization and irrigation.

Water the lawn only when needed. Zoysia is resistant to drought in cold regions. Once fully implemented, they have a deep root system and can be sprayed only when they fire was necessary. The standard rate of water for proper growth Zoysia is one inch per week. A clear sign of water shortage is when the blade starts to roll. In addition, the water in the factories of the afternoon or early morning late Grass established for the best results.

Remove the straw. Finally, say, lawn care specialists every two years, remove accumulated debris and straw. Do this in late winter, before the green grass of the best. With the help of the commercial machine to remove the scalp or straw rest of the lawn.