a choice between Frost and Freeze for your garden

a choice between Frost and Freeze for your gardenWhy do we hear in the snow and frozen? Why else frost? What it means to me that park?

There are technical differences between the frozen ice or gel and kill, as indicated in certain areas. It has everything to do with the dew point.

What is happening is very simple – to start to the summer for a change in the fall, the weather began to change as well. In most of the United States, making the ground wet weather in the summer. Air mass moisture-laden summer, which is a higher dew point. And the dew point, more air can contain heat. As the weather in the fall and cold, dry air mass changes, the cold dew point of the air mass and can easily fall – especially at night. During the transition from summer to winter, the air mass is too hot below zero everywhere, but a low dew point, so that the condensation that forms naturally accumulate overnight in the surfaces, as are all the time, but would then freeze on the surface. It is frozen.

a choice between Frost and Freeze for your gardenThe air itself is not cold enough to freeze something, which can even water freezes on the playing surface. A hard frost on plants of tropical origin, and some annual costs. At night, when the ice is possible, it is a good idea to bring your tropical plants offer if you do it in a container. Local, you will often talk about the times when you need under “Advisory gel.” This is a good way, you know that ice can form in your field to pass the time, or cover your tender plants. Frost does not necessarily signal the end of the growing season, in fact, some of the most beautiful plants (and in some cases more acceptable!) After a gel.

Several gel. You can view information on the local news on “Freeze warning.” Frozen notice essentially signaling the end of the growing season to reach and always issued only during the growing season in your area. In the mass of cold air at temperatures below zero. It is still usually associated with the first strong cold front of autumn, and usually bring a permanent change in the weather for this time of year. This air mass will treat all plant material that is not suitable for freezing frozen tissue. Most vegetables and annual plants survive hard frost, and die. After the first hard ice, then it is time to clean the garden for the season.